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Fodder Link Laboratory Launch

Feed Testing on the Darling Downs

Our NIR feed test results incorporate not only individual data, but median and range statistics from a global scale.

Fodder Link have launched our very own feed testing laboratory on the Darling Downs. The team have partnered with globally recognised agricultural testing laboratory, Dairyland Inc, to provide full NIR feed analysis for hay, pasture, silage and straw, with exciting developments in place to cater for other commodities.

Our NIR feed test results incorporate not only individual data, but median and range statistics from a global scale for a comprehensive comparison of nutritional components. This in-depth presentation of data is rarely accessible to growers and buyers in the fodder industry, and we are proud to offer this information. The livestock nutrition sector is continually expanding, and whether you are a grower or a buyer, feed testing can benefit your business.

Quality to the Core

NIR feed analysis results gov hand-in-hand with inspections, where buyers can purchase fodder sight unseen with a full understanding of both the visual and nutritional components. Ration formulations and feeding plans can be implemented through utilising the information and advice supplied by Fodder Link.

Our resources have the ability to hold significant buyer value through increased animal performance and positive business outcomes. Growers can gain valuable insight into their products, including how environmental and harvesting techniques may affect quality, with the potential to implement new farm strategies for future quality improvement.

For your feed testing needs, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free feed testing pack with custom mailer and resealable bags. Before sending your samples to us, simply complete all details on page one of our submission form and email a copy to feedtests@fodderlink.com.au.

This submission form can be downloaded on our website, and there is a physical copy in our packs. Follow the instructions explained on page two of the submission form and send your samples to the reply-paid address listed down the bottom. Fodder Link offer a free postage service for your convenience.