Commodity Vendor Declaration

The submission of a Commodity Vendor Declaration Form (CVD) on behalf of the grower allows buyers to purchase product with official documentation of the chemicals used to treat the commodity, the rate and date of application and relevant WHP/ESI/EAFI details obtained from the label.

It is mandatory that the Fodder Link team receive a complete and correct Commodity Vendor Declaration for every batch. Commodity Vendor Declaration forms are a risk-management tool for all parties involved in the supply chain, where cases of meat contamination can be avoided.

Roughage commodities have the potential to contain residues from chemical treatments associated with crop production and storage that can endanger the practises and integrity of livestock and meat industries. If a grower does not provide this document to Fodder Link, the team is unable to list, market or purchase the product for our clients.

This document can be downloaded and completed digitally or printed from here. We encourage that growers read and follow the instructions provided carefully, and contact us if any questions arise.

Download the CVD Form