Fodder Link Attend Beef Week 2021

Hay Bale Showcase

Chris, Rachel, and Cameron, traveled to Rockhampton for the exciting Beef Week event to showcase the fodder link feed testing operation launched on the Darling Downs, and give people an opportunity to gain knowledge on different fodder types and quality. The team partnered with Lallemand to set up at the Lallemand Silage Centre of Excellence, where large bales and samples could be put on display.

Quality To The Core

Cameron Angel, owner and managing director of Fodder Link, sourced different product from Southern States to transport to the event, “It’s not so often that clients in the North can see, touch and smell product from the South.We wanted to give people the opportunity to see how species grown in the South compare nutritionally and visually, and how they can benefit Northern enterprises”.

Fodder Link exhibited core samples to educate the public on the importance of feed testing, and how the external appearance of bales do not always correlate with nutritional quality, and should not be the only factor when considering a fodder purchase.

“The increasing demand in the industry to meet high performance standards is apparent. Understanding the financial benefits of feeding maintenance VS gain and seeking advice from nutritionists on where to prioritise feed costs for meeting target performance is vital. Whether you are a grazier or feedlotter, feed testing your fodder, pasture,grain, you name it, can be the first steps to improving your profit.

“Livestock nutrition is a continually expanding industry,and producers need to be on top of it to stay in the game.”

It was a very successful week and the team were thankful to spend time interacting with clients face to face. Fodder Link would like to thank Lallemand for the opportunity to build a display at the Silage Centre Of Excellence, and all those involved in the development of Beef Week after a difficult year for social events.