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Enhancing unison within agricultural industries to strengthen the link between feed and livestock producers

Our superior interstate feed supplier network is backed by independent grading and feed testing by industry professionals, enabling us to provide premium nationwide service. Our connections give us the ability to confidently market and sell a large variety of roughage products on Australia’s most trusted platform. Our expert team understands both ends of the supply-chain to source, grade, store, sell and deliver hay, straw, silage, and by-products suited to an endless variety of feed requirements year-round, guaranteed.

300000Cattle Fed Daily
2000Batches Inspected
120000Tonnes Available

Fodder Link was founded from humble beginnings in 2016 and has since expanded into a large-scale operation, providing feed to a broad range of enterprises across the country.

The Fodder Link team always offer very competitive quotes for our roughage needs. The team really strive to understand our business requirements around quality and food safety to allow them to source and offer product that is relevant to our needs with a hassle-free approach. Logistically, product always turns up on time, in the right quality specification and all their paper trail is spot on. When we are buying roughage or researching market values and quality profiles, Cameron and the team are first point of call. They have good knowledge of the roughage industry and always happy to share their thoughts.

B. Taylor
Valued Buyer
Australian Country Choice

Our initial sales option with the high-end hay exporters limited the range of product that was wanted and was testing in its complexity. It also, often left us with the challenge of finding local markets for our wheaten and barley grades. That’s when we came across Fodder Link. They bridge the gap between grower and many professional feedlots. All our hay production in types and grades is now handled and distributed within the Australian market. Prices are discussed and markets found, and contracts written in a timely manner. Communication, the key to any business, is open, honest, and reliable. Logistics associated with the movement of the produce is seamless and timely and final payments are always on the agreed terms. It simply works for us and allows us to recognise the value and importance of a quality hay production approach on our farming enterprise.

Graeme Johnson
Valued Grower
South Australia