Fodder Link Out and About at Ag-Grow 2022

Perfect weather for a day out

Cameron and Neil had the chance to attend Ag-Grow at Emerald in recent weeks. Central Queensland provided great weather for the duration of the event, which encouraged large numbers to attend the field days. The Fodder Link team were positioned perfectly between the bar and bull sales, where the team were about to talk to a number of enthusiastic locals.

Making Connections in the North

Cameron had a great time catching up with all the Northern Producers that were in attendance: including Wagyu producers, cereal hay and straw producers. Along with a few new local suppliers from the Emerald area.

With many of our straw suppliers in attendance it was a great opportunity to talk what will be available in the coming season. Cameron is proud to say that Fodder Link will have a good supply of Cereal Straw from the Emerald area again this year.

Cameron and Neil were also able to line up opportunities to partner with growers to have Cereal hay supplied from Theodore to Blackall.

Ag-Grow also offered a great opening for our long time CQ growers to learn more about the feed testing services that Fodder Link have to offer. We look forward to working with these Growers further to expand our knowledge of hay quality and feed test results from this area.

Opportunities coming to CQ

Its was great to see the range of opportunities that are in located in CQ and those that are soon to come. Fodder Link has taken a keen interest in the Inland Port at Yamala. We are also excited to see what new logistics opportunities are coming to the region.