AG-QUIP 2022 – Gunnedah

Road Trip! Crops, Crops and More Crops

Last week Oliver and Mikaela made the trip to Gunnedah for Ag-quip. Travelling from Toowoomba to Gunnedah through Goondiwindi and Moree, there was lots to see. From the Inland Rail project, to flooded paddocks, creeks and rivers, to some excellent crops of Fava Beans, Canola and Oats. Oliver joked that the canola was so tall that we would have lost Mikaela in it.

Come Rain, Hail or Shine

The Fodder Link Team were perfectly positioned beside a bale baron, which gained a lot of interest from everyone wondering what on earth it was.

While the Gunnedah locals were out in force in footy shorts and t-shirts on the Tuesday, most of the exhibitors where rugged up and in our case trying to stop their tents from turning into kites for part of the day. Thankfully Wednesday and Thursday were fantastic days with the sun shining and large groups of people passing through the gates to see everything from headers and loaders to boats!

The report from most producers that we talked to was that there is a lot of water around. Making it hard to harvest winter crops, plan for new season and plant. There is also the concern that with the Lachlan system primed for a flood and another year of high rainfall forecast that a lot a product in that area will be lost.

Weather aside the team had a great time talking to everyone that dropped by the site. With people from all backgrounds showing an interest in working with us, including growers, wagyu cow/calf operations, produce stores and small feedlots. We hope to be in touch with you all shortly.

We would like to thank Phil, who was displaying the bale baron, for sending people looking to sell hay our way. Even if we couldn’t get you on video showing us how the baler worked, we had a great three days chatting.

The Hustle

Cameron and Oliver always say when you’re out on the road you have to hustle, Mikaela found out this meant going to the Mullaley Pub each afternoon. But they did make some very worthwhile contacts while there, so I guess Cameron and Oliver are on to something.