Batch 47938

Commodity: Single Species Hay

Species: Canola

Grade: Utility


Batch Details

Bale Quantity: 400
Bale Weight: 550
Tonnes: 220
Bale Sizes: 8X4X3 Large Squares|
Storage: Shedded
Top Moisture: 12.5
Bottom Moisture: 8.1
Average Moisture: 10.2

Feed Test Results

Moisture: 12.23
Dry Matter: 87.77
ME higgs: 9.90
CP: 11.92
WSC (Sugar): 10.59
ADF: 37.43
aNDF: 47.83
RFV: 116
RFQ: 61.97

Additional Data

Visual Colour Percentage: 25%
Visual Leaf Retention: Signs of Leaf Loss
Visual Leaf Texture: Mild
Visual Smell: Good Hay Aroma
Visual Stem Width: 8mm
Visual Cutting Stage: Seed Evident
Visual Weeds: More than 5%
Weed Species: Ryegrass
Visual Contaminants: None Observed
Contaminate Details:
Visual Flag Leaf: None
Visual Staining: No Staining
Chopped: No
Conditioned: Yes
Year of Harvest: 2023
Month of Harvest: Oct
Rain Exposure: No
Rain Stage:
Rain mls:
Notes: Average line of 2023 season Canola hay. Has lost colour and a bit of leaf but a good job has been done on the stem at mowing. Should test ok, well stacked and presented.
Organic: No
Inspection Date: 2024-06-11
Visual Moulding: No Mould
Visual Spotting: No Spotting