Batch 23853

Commodity: Single Species Hay

Species: Forage Sorghum

Grade: Utility Plus

Richmond, QLD

Batch Details

Bale Quantity: 1400
Bale Weight: 620
Tonnes: 868
Bale Sizes: 8X4X3 Large Squares|
Storage: Stacked Outside
Top Moisture: 15.4
Bottom Moisture: 9.5
Average Moisture: 11.1

Feed Test Results

Moisture: 8.57
Dry Matter: 91.43
ME higgs: 6.90
CP: 5.34
WSC (Sugar): 17.77
ADF: 42.66
aNDF: 59.16
RFV: 88
RFQ: 45.68

Additional Data

Visual Colour Percentage: 50%
Visual Leaf Retention: Signs of Leaf Loss
Visual Leaf Texture: Mild
Visual Smell: Good Hay Aroma
Visual Stem Width: 9mm or more
Visual Cutting Stage: At or Before Milky Dough
Visual Weeds: 1-5%
Weed Species: Flinders Grass
Visual Contaminants: None Observed
Contaminate Details:
Visual Flag Leaf: 1-5%
Visual Staining: Some Staining
Chopped: No
Conditioned: Yes
Year of Harvest: 2024
Month of Harvest: May
Rain Exposure: No
Rain Stage:
Rain mls:
Notes: Solid line of forage sorghum hay, holds some green colour and leaf. Due to macerating and racking some leaf loss is evident. Pith is sweet to taste with mild feel. Well stacked neat bales.
Organic: No
Inspection Date: 2024-06-12
Visual Moulding: No Mould
Visual Spotting: No Spotting